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The Laboratory of

Neuronal Development and Regeneration


Our lab is interested in studying neuronal morphogenesis, through which the shape of a neuron is established and adjusted to adapt to certain developmental or environmental changes. Neuronal morphogenesis relies on the dynamic interaction of multiple cytoskeletal systems: microtubules, actin filaments (also known as microfilament), as well as intermediate filaments. In addition to their cooperative function, each cytoskeleton element plays its unique role during neuronal morphogenesis. We are currently studying the function of the cytoskeleton during normal or pathological conditions (such as nerve injury). Our lab uses a variety of techniques, including optogenetic, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, cell biology, molecular biology, as well as material science to study these crucial processes in neurons. The image above is an aggregation of neurons derived from stem cells. The actin cytoskeleton is shown in red, the neuron-specific microtubule in green, and DNA in blue. The video below demonstrates neuronal regeneration after axons sustained a surgical incision.


We are interested in understanding how cytoskeleton influences neuronal morphogenesis during normal or pathogenic development. We use a variety of techniques, including optogenetic, molecular biology, material science, bioinformatics, and cell biology to study morphogenesis in both CNS and PNS neurons.


We are a group of students of science trying to understand the mystery of life. We enjoy both the vigor of science and the happiness of learning. We welcome students who are eager to learn and explore the science of life. Come join our group and find out what makes us wake up early everyday!


Things that happened in the lab. These include things that we are proud of, things that we are interested in, and things that we find hilarious.


Department of Biological Science and Technology
Room 600 Bio-ICT Building,
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